Our Values

At Charley’s, we have a commitment to people; the people who make up our community, employees who walk into our establishment, and customers who come up to our windows.

Our mission is to meet others where they are at and recognize that we have the opportunity to give every individual we come into contact with, a better experience during their day or in their lives.

We are proudly family-owned and female lead. We firmly believe in strong community values, teamwork, a spirit of integrity, respect for others, and recognizing each individual interaction as an opportunity to display kindness.”

Family Focused

Our business is here to give families in Gowen a fun place to spend quality time together.

Locally Minded

We support our community through fundraising events, and employment opportunities.

and Fun!

We offer fun events such as live music and a family atmosphere to keep your summer fun!

The Sister’s Story

Charley’s Ice Cream & Grill has been the “go to” ice cream place in Gowen, Michigan for as long as some of our residents can remember. Although we’ve changed business owners – we are still here to keep the main values of Charley’s Ice Cream that we all remember – family, community and fun!

Taylor, Trinity, & Abi Kraal purchased Charley’s Ice Cream & Grill in May of 2019 at the ages of 18, 17, and 14.

The sisters were born and raised in Zeeland, MI but, spent their childhood summers at a small cottage in Gowen, MI. Boating, skiing, and, of course, ice cream runs to Charley’s made up the majority of their childhood Summers!

The three sisters bought the ice cream store with the intention of obtaining a better understanding of small-business management, tailoring their individual skill sets, and gaining experience in working with family.

Taylor began as the store manager and currently operates as General Manager; Trinity serves as the Financial Manager; and, Abi manages all maintenance, mechanical, and security operations.

Interested in a fun summer job? Come and work with us!

Check out our menu of treats and eats!