Jobs for our summer season!

We are currently hiring for our summer season. Please apply by submitting the form below.

We are currently hiring for these positions:

  • Front Line
  • Grill Cook (18+ only)
  • Prep/Plater
  • Front Line Stocker

Our summer season begins April 2024.

About Our Team

We are always looking for hardworking and fun-loving individuals to join our team! If you (or a loved one!) is detail-oriented, has a friendly smile, and loves ice cream; we’d love to see your application!

We hire for beginning positions at 15 years of age.

Position Descriptions:

Front Line: The friendly faces of our business! Serve ice cream and provide quality customer service.

Grill Cook: The skilled hands behind the classic Charley’s cheeseburger! Must be 18+ to operate kitchen equipment. Kitchen experience preferred but, not required.

Prep/Plater: The detailed masterminds that keep our kitchen running smoothly! Position includes expo-ing all kitchen orders during busy shifts and prepping products during slower periods. Must be detail-oriented and prioritize a clean work environment.

Front Line Stocker: The diligent bodies behind the scenes! Keep our lines running smoothly by keeping our front line stocked and clean during busy shifts. Must be detail-oriented and prioritize a clean work environment.

All positions receive a portion of the store’s tip intake!

Charley’s Ice Cream & Grill Application for Summer 2024